Thursday, 6 November 2014

CLAS Regional Day 2014

Some images from the Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society Regional Day in Durham, Saturday 25 November. The day was hosted by Northumbrian Scribes and included demonstrations, displays and  a raffle. There were superb talks from Professor Ewan Clayton and Dr Manny Ling, and plenty of things to buy from 'Calligraphity', 'Blots' and 'Papers from Bangladesh'. There was also great interest in the Letters After Lindisfarne project. 
 Chair of Northumbrian Scribes Susan Moor welcomes everyone to the event.
Goody Bags ready for delegates.
Delegates gather in the main hall to listen to Professor Ewan Clayton.

Demonstration by David Price.
 Chris Bowen showing one of his wonderful portfolios.
Lyn Kerr demonstrating.
 Some of Lyn Kerr's brilliant letters on stone.
 Angela Dalleywater demonstrates small and pointed letters.
 Big interest in the Quarto Book Arts stall.
Beautiful letters on the York Scribes display.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Pen and Ink and Walking Poets

I recently visited the ‘Walking Poets’ Exhibition at The Wordsworth Trust museum in Grasmere. The exhibition expresses a connection between Wordsworth and Matsuo Basho, in terms of how they both pioneered the use of everyday language in poetry, they both used the natural world to express their ideas, and they both composed their poetry as they walked. Each found creative inspiration in nature, and for each, the act of walking itself was a creative process. 

This exhibition features manuscripts and early printed editions of work written by Matsuo Basho, William Wordsworth, and Wordsworth’s sister Dorothy, who is now recognised as a significant writer in her own right. The exhibition also features new works by contemporary artists working in a wide range of media, responding to the manuscripts and what originally inspired them in ways that are as fresh, creative and radical now, as Wordsworth and Basho were during their lives.

'Lines written a few miles above Tintern Abbey’. Interpretation by Dr Manny Ling and Christine Flint-Sato (photo by Tim Sokell)
I very much enjoyed the mix of old and new works on display. I had particularly come to the exhibition to see the collaborative work of Manny Ling and Christine Flint-Sato, which I loved. Their piece was inspired by Wordsworth’s poem, ‘Lines written a few miles above Tintern Abbey,’ and they offer a visual interpretation of the poem which invites viewers to consider the references to mountains and water made by Wordsworth as he walked along the River Wye.

Other gems in the exhibition (for me) are Basho’s writings made during his several journeys in Japan, and the typographic works of Andrew Richardson and Eiichi Kono.
Tim Sokell

The exhibition is open until 2 November, and well worth a visit if you are in The Lake District. (p11-12 for exhibition details)