Thursday, 13 May 2010

May Meeting

Our May 15th Workshop will be held at Sunderland University (Sir Tom Cowie Campus). Marise Hewitson and Mari Topping will be visiting us from North York Calligraphers. They will be demonstrating backgrounds for calligraphy, mainly marbling techniques. They are providing the essential materials for each person, but you can bring any papers/card you would like to use, white and any other colours. Black is especially effective.

Part of the day will be about making and lining envelopes; if you have any tissue paper (any colours), it would be useful.

This might be a messy session - involving oily paints, inks etc as well as water - so Marise and Mari will provide plastic aprons and plastic gloves, and will bring table coverings.

This promises to be an unusual and interesting session and we hope you will find the journey to Sunderland worth it!

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