Thursday, 28 October 2010

CSI: Alphabet

Manny's decorative alphabet ideas are shown above.

Manny investigating alphabets

Some work produced during the October workshop

At the October workshop intrepid CSI: Alphabet investigator Manny Ling noted at the scene of the incident that there were 'many common body parts to letters'. He drew this conclusion while exploring how decorative letters can be made by adding fine lines or lifting off corners of the nib when writing. Using automatic pens to create the straight strokes then embellishing them or dragging the nib to make a fishtail are part of the hardened letterer's modus operandi.

Scribes were able to test their own investigative powers later when encouraged to be free with their hand movements and create decorative letters of their own. Released from the shackles of formal alphabets some interesting findings were made and the afternoon came to a satisfactory conclusion with an identity parade of work done during the day. Whether any of them were crimes ... I could not possibly say.

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