Sunday, 6 February 2011

Calendar Girls (and Boys)

The January meeting was all about planning ahead for the Northumbrian Scribes' 2012 calendar on the theme of 'favourite places'. The whiteboard shows some of the ideas put forward although there is still room for a few more if anyone missed the meeting and would like to participate. Contact Mike Mavromichaelis if you are interested and he will let you know which options are still available.
After the calendar boys and girls had finished discussing that project Mike showed some of the decorated envelopes he has received through envelope exchanges. He has quite a collection and keeps them organised in folders because they are useful for ideas and inspirations. Scribes Tom Fleming and Norma Hickey are shown admiring the ingenuity and skill of some of the envelopes collected.
Tutor Mike also showed us some of his extensive collection of calligraphy books including those he keeps as examples of how not to do it!

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