Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Snap, snap, grin, grin ...

The theme of our March meeting was cameras and calligraphy and Robert Cooper talked to us about how photographs could be used to create imaginative layouts or to stimulate layout ideas for pieces of calligraphy. He showed us a slide show of some photographs he had taken to demonstrate what we were to look out for.

He then set us snapping in the grounds of Sunderland's riverside campus with a list of features to try and include as a guide for observations. Examples we were to look out for included 'pictures with lines to lead the eye around the composition' and 'a picture in which a particular shape is echoed a number of times' or 'a picture in which there is a contrast of texture'. The modern campus of the Business School at Sunderland is full of interesting lines and angles and once you got your eye in for particular features you could find interesting visual images to match Robert's criteria. Some folks wandered over to St. Peter's Church to find more classic images to work with.

The photographs above show how a photograph of an air vent in the wall was taken through to a draft via a thumbnail sketch and below there are pictures of some of the ideas developed from photographs taken during the workshop ... say no more!

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