Saturday, 11 June 2011

The end of the world is nigh ... oh, no it isn't!

I suppose it was tempting fate to have a workshop on the day that Mr Harold Camping, the US evangelist, had declared to be the day the world was to end, but as that event was not due to happen until 6pm we decided to go ahead anyway and enjoy the day.

David Price showed us how to make the elegant and fluid Sanvito capitals created by Bartolomeo Sanvito in the fifteenth century. Partly written, partly drawn, most of the letters are written at a 30 degree angle with a broad-edge pen and the serifs drawn in afterward with the edge of the pen.
David demonstrating that the accomplished scribe can write sideways too
One Northumbrian Scribe chose to work on the floor

Provided with some Latin quotations scribes were encouraged to add a second script with the translation into English

A number of scribes rose to the spirit of the day with their selection of quotations and the above seems to sum up pretty well. (For those who made it past 6pm unscathed apparently Mr Camping's new prediction is that the world will now end on 21st October - fortunately not a workshop day for Northumbrian Scribes)

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