Saturday, 12 November 2011

Make early for Christmas

Northumbrian Scribes love to make Christmas cards and this year, thanks to tutor Manny Ling, we had an early start with ideas from his workshop on card-making. He came armed with about half-a-dozen good methods for using scraps, old bits of calligraphy, collage and paper-cutting in the design of cards.
Manny demonstrated how something as simple as a triangle cut out of a scrap of calligraphy with another brightly coloured scrap at the base could be an effective Christmas tree and with a short greeting added a quick way of making a personalised card.
Another idea was to fold a piece of coloured card in half, make a few cuts through at the fold and then slot some bright card or paper between the cuts to make a stunning design to which lettering could be added.
Scribes really took to his ideas and the above display is of cards that were all made during the workshop.

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  1. So sorry to miss it! I'm struggling for ideas for a card this year!