Thursday, 26 June 2014

Let's celebrate calligraphy ... and we did!

Six Northumbrian Scribes enjoyed a day in York. Tim Sokell and David McHarg were joined by Susan Moor, Judi Postle and Norma Hickey, who were expertly chauffeured for the day by Janet Barnett.

Tim set up a display of our work and very good it looked too so thanks to all those scribes who contributed pieces. Seven other groups had their calligraphy on show, as well as all of the collaborative pieces by York Scribes (our hosts for the day). So there was plenty to look at and be inspired by.
Susan took the volumes of "Letters After Lindisfarne" in their new wheelie, lockable carrying case. Fitting, as they are such precious cargo. They went down a storm of course and had their own crowd all morning! Everyone commented on the beautiful job Susan had done on the binding.

Plenty of retail therapy was available too: Calligraphity's books, Blot's supplies and fabulous decorative papers from Bangladesh. Save up everyone, the paper's coming to Durham and is fair trade which is even better and eases our guilt when we spend too much.
There were demonstrations of Zig pens, zentangle art (seriously addictive) and strip tease binding. Ask any of us for more details ... if you dare.
The event ended at 2.30pm which left the afternoon for the four musketeers to explore York. We met numerous lovely dogs (my fault entirely), dodged the many "hen and/or stag" parties, did a bit more shopping and enjoyed a delicious meal. The perfect end to a perfect day before heading home exhausted. We do have fun!

Judi Postle

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