Friday, 18 December 2009

Christmas Fun and Festivities

Our Christmas celebration took place on Saturday 12 December at Bede's World, with a great time of fun and festivities had by all. The annual Christmas Card exchange was a great delight, with scribes producing some wonderfully creative work to express their Yuletide greetings to one another. There followed an ingenious 'game' in which scribes were required to do some 'colouring in'. This was overseen by Susan, who with great authority and powers of persuasion encouraged folk to get on with completing their own small section of what would later be revealed in its beautiful entirety.

Much patience was required as scribes waited for different pens to complete their work... the gold pens being much in demand! Then the various pieces of work were gathered together to form one enormous whole.... a beautiful festive greeting in jig-saw form was gradually revealed, with subtle guidance from Susan, (who declined from showing us the picture on the front of the box!) the majestic banner was completed.

After these exertions a superb lunch was provided and enjoyed by all, from a table laden with all manner of excellent goodies scribes politely partook, with no undue jostling or fighting reported!

Following lunch a quiz, with our chairman 'chairing' so to speak. Ingenious questions and mischievous scribes being a lethal combination, much fun and hi-jinks were had by all. No cheating was apparent (at least nobody saw it) and certain scribes with a wealth of poetic knowledge seemed to come into their own. Others were similarly endowed with knowledge of all things Christmassy, that being the theme of the quiz, and the winning team were.... well, it would be wrong of me to tell!

Finally, the raffle, with a stunning array of prizes on display the scribes waited with baited breath for their number to be drawn. Many were happily rewarded, but alas the raffler-in-chief was repeatedly disappointed, as nobody seemed able to draw one of his numbers!

A wonderful day throughout, and many many thanks to all concerned for their input and help with food, cards etc, and special thanks to Susan and Mike for their hard work on the jig-saw and quiz. Here's to a healthy and calligraphically productive new year to all our scribes.

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