Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Christmassy News of Festivities Fun Friendship and Food!

Our Christmas celebration will take place on Saturday 12 December at Bede's World, and aims to include all the items mentioned in the title, as well as other interesting activities. The day will begin as usual at 10.30, but will probably finish before 3.30pm. The programme will be: cards, activity, lunch, quiz, raffle.

* Distribution and exchange of cards - always eagerly anticipated and with such originality of ideas each year. It's your choice to design and make your own cards, or give ready-made versions... whichever you do, it's the thought, as they say. There's always a buzz as members find their own little stack of good wishes from other scribes.
* An activity in which everyone will be encouraged to take part - there are rumours of a jigsaw - all mystery will be revealed on the day.
* A Christmas Quiz, though you won't need to be an Egghead to take part.
* A raffle, with a copy of 'Ampersands and oddments, notes for a jobbing calligrapher' by Roland Smith, and a useful bottle of UHU glue as prizes - donated by Anne Mawson. Tickets will cost 50p for a strip of 5 tickets.

Lunch arrangements:
If your surname begins with A-L please bring something savoury.
If your surname begins with M-W please bring something sweet.

Soft-ish drinks will be provided, but you may wish to bring your own flask if you like a hot drink.

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