Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Northumbrian Scribes February workshop...

The next meeting of The Society of Northumbrian Scribes will be on Saturday 20th February at Bede's World, Jarrow. We will be looking at extreme italics with Mike Mavromichaelis, and will start by writing a simple italic script before moving on to slimmer things. You will be offered guidance in writing a compressed hand but you will have time to explore and to enjoy writing slim letters. Please bring your favourite nibs to write with but also do bring any large nibs you may have (up to 12mm).

Extreme italics are usually informal so that your own adaptations can be introduced and you may choose your own directions. Please bring: your usual writing kit and paper up to A3 size are all that are needed.

Members... please remember to bring your draft artworks of the calendar contribution to the February meeting.

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