Tuesday, 2 March 2010


We were sad to learn at our meeting in January that Elizabeth Lamb had died some time before Christmas. Elizabeth had been a Scribe for many years, but was taken ill about a year ago, and looked far from well all last year. Sometimes she felt too unwell to lift a pen, but still continued to attend meetings. Northumbrian Scribes only heard about her death when the Scribes’ Christmas cards were forwarded to her address.

Elizabeth had had an interesting life as a nurse. She had twice worked her passage to Australia intending to settle there, but had returned both times to Sunderland. She had also worked in India. Lately she spent time helping neighbourhood friends with health problems and hospital visits, and she also much enjoyed doing craft activities with nephews and nieces.

Extracts from a description she wrote of herself are as follows:

* 50 years’ nursing experience, including 10 years’ voluntary work in many countries with Save the Children, British Red Cross, International Red Cross and International League of Red Cross. Began as a pre-student nurse, later specialising in midwifery , orthopaedics, oncology, cardiothoracics, h.i.v. and Aids-related diseases. Left the NHS to work in industry and occupational health.
*Hobbies: driving, decoupage, watercolours, calligraphy, travel, cats and conservation. Elizabeth was particularly proud of a calligraphic book she wrote and had printed about the Venerable Bede. She also sent out printed cards of her watercolours. But, in my view, her special forte was Pergamano (lovely lace-like designs pricked out on very thick waxed paper).

We shall miss her companionship at our meetings.

Janet Ashmore

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