Friday, 6 August 2010

"Let Calligraphy Flourish" exhibition opens at Bede's World

The opening of our annual exhibition at Bede's World took place on 5th August. Drinks and nibbles were provided and there was a goodly turnout of Scribes to enjoy the event. As soon as Susan had introduced the exhibition the first non-scribal visitors to Bede's World started to look round and were able to meet with and chat to some of the makers of the pieces on display. Some lucky ones got a glass of wine to take round with them too.

As can be seen from the photographs there are Northumbrian Scribes with very individual ways of viewing exhibitions.


  1. Forgot to mention that Let Calligraphy runs until 8th September

  2. Unfortunately I missed the opening, wine and guest appearance by Little Miss Cuboid. Was she using a variation of 3d viewing without special glasses?
    I am looking forward to seeing the exhibition.