Friday, 20 August 2010

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit

Chris Bowen introduced us to the principles of the golden mean in design and layout by using rabbits as an example of how the Fibonacci sequence of numbers works. The non-mathematical amongst us grasped that the use of the golden mean in layout is pleasing and Chris explained how he uses it in structuring some of his own work, illustrated above, together with colours used in the proportions of two thirds warm colours to one third cool colours.

In the practical part of his workshop he explored the idea of using handwriting as a basis for developing a calligraphic style - but not your own handwriting - instead we had to use another scribe's hand which is very challenging. Not only do you have to make your hand move in a way that is unfamiliar but do it with a broad-edge pen too. Chris is shown above with the group reviewing the work done during the workshop.

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