Sunday, 24 July 2011

Black Hand Gang at Bede's World

Angela Dalleywater was the guest tutor at the July workshop with an interesting take on black and white. Instead of writing one onto the other we were to write white on white and black on black. This involved knowing the qualities and exact shades of your blacks - did they have a blueish tinge so would need to be written on a warmer colour black paper to show up? In the photo Angela is showing us how to make a series of tests of the various blacks available and whether they dried completely or would shift when wet again. The same procedure was followed for the different whites available and then we tried writing.

Shown above is writing on a tissue that has been treated with hair-spray in white paint. It can be done if you work quickly and with a light touch of the pen. And the Black Hand Gang? Well there were some very messy hands after all that paint mixing but the mark left on the carpet is crimson paint not blood, honestly.

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