Thursday, 28 July 2011

Writing 2011 - Thursday 28 July

First thing this morning we got to ask David some questions about poetry. One query that often came up was did he mind calligraphers altering line layouts of his work and the answer quickly came back 'no'. He is just grateful that someone takes an interest! He is also not worried about copyright and wants artists to work with his words. During the afternoon David held an open session when anyone could take their poetic writings to him for advice.

Above is a picture of the zen-like calm of Edward Wates' workshop. Or maybe it is exhaustion because they are making a manuscript book and have 24 pages of writing to complete before the binding can start. Below are some sheets of writing waiting to be bound.

The collage workshop with Ann Hechle (above) was also very calm - or maybe it was just lunchtime. Her group are working on their projects with her advice and input. There were some pieces of glass on display in the National Glass Centre symposium catering area - Ayoko Tani's students are taking advantage of being on the spot to display their works.

One thing that David keeps saying is 'that calligraphers are patient'. Maybe we are.

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  1. Great reporting Hazel...enjoying these notes a lot..thank you!