Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Writing 2011 - Wednesday 27 July

The morning session with David Annwn was slightly different today. He gave us four words - river, bridge, sea and sky - and then asked each of us to think of one word in our own language relating to those words. Then he went round the entire room and everyone said their word-response one after the other like a kind of verbal Mexican wave. The sharp ear heard Spanish, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Japanese, Finnish and Greek spoken.

David returned that favour later in the morning by visiting one of the groups and then writing a poem about them at work. He scribbled his first thoughts on the papers you see pinned up behind him.

The folks who are with Ayako Tani doing work in glass have been tucked away separate from the main symposium in the depths of the National Glass Centre. However, today some of their work appeared taped to the windows of the catering area. These images have been created using hot glass and paper - apparently someone had to stand by with a water spray to put out the flames as hot glass was applied to the paper - and astonishingly beautiful they are too.

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