Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Writing 2011 - Tuesday 26 July

The symposium routine is becoming established with David Annwn having everyone think about words for the first hour of the day. This session considered poems with lines that were not in English and also works written entirely in languages that you would never have come across before. How do you deal with these when you don't even know what they are about?
In Susan Moor's class they were considering backgrounds for their pages of words. And also looking at many ways of binding hand-made works.At lunchtime Calligraphity brought their books and stayed all day.In Edward Wates' class busy people were at work and found the floor useful for ruling and arranging pages.
Thomas Ingmire's workshop produced a late afternoon burst of creativity with several collaborative pieces made by his group using music for mark-making. In the piece shown everyone followed a different instrument and made their marks to represent that on the paper, layering and overlapping their marks. David Annwn, symposium poet, composed a poem about the whole process as the scribes worked.
Festival of Calligraphy in St Peter's Church
After dinner everyone went over to St Peter's Church for an evening of calligraphy that included talks on the Japanese poet Basho and David Jones, demonstrations and exhibitions of work by Northumbrian Scribes, Calligraphity books and more.

Susan Moor discusses some of the books she has made.

Manny Ling is a blur of activity as he shows how to write the graceful letter in front of visitors to St Peter's.

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